why many bookmarking sites are closed all together. I did bookmarking in some sites few days back and now all the sites are not working. Can anyone explain why is that?

I think they are in maintenance.Can you give me list of those bookmarking sites which are not working.

I think these site are in maintenance period or the sites server are overloaded.

The social bookmarking feature allows you to share, store, tag, organize and manage the links across popular social bookmarking and sharing websites. Social bookmarking is a like saving favourite on your browser accept your saving to a website then you can access any computer in the world.

I think that social bookmarking are not working for spamming. Every user doing the spamming everyday in sites. So that why Social Bookmarking sites are close.

Many reasons are possible, so that they were closed. And quite difficult to explain if you are not one part of they were.

first of all if you voilate the criteria of site then account closed your content shows the spamming thing for clossing your account

Some of the websites are to be noticed which are never closed. Those websites have higher page rank however, a couple of those might restrict you from submitting too much posts.,, and are the 4 websites above all the others. I have been using these websites from a long time and i have never found any issue like these are closed or temporarily unavailable.

Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online… But some people use these sites only for spamming… So, i think for this reason many Bookmarking sites are closed together…

if the sites are really valuable then they hardly close there services. may be your account is blocked or the server can respond to your request due to huge traffic.

I too am not sure about the effectiveness of bookmarking. They always include it in SEO. I’ve never observed any good results of bookmarking.