Introducing the Webix Framework

An excerpt from, by Sergey Laptick

Nowadays there are a lot of frameworks, everyone with something unique. We have AngularJS, Ember, and On SitePoint we have covered these frameworks in many occasions: Creating a Next Gen JavaScript Application with Aurelia, Building a Twitter App Using AngularJS, and Add Twitter Authentication to an Ember.js App with Torii.

In this article, I want to cover the Webix framework. To show how it works I’ll guide you through the creation of an online audio player model. Keep in mind that it’s just a model, so there is no playback. (Sorry, maybe I’ll do it in a following article.) You can check out the source code and a demo on this GitHub page.

Introducing Webix

Webix is a JavaScript and HTML5 framework for developing cross-platform data-rich web applications with responsive user interfaces. The library is easy to learn, fast and lightweight. Integration with Backbone.js, Angular.js and jQuery may be pretty handy. For example, you can use jQuery methods and utility functions to create your Webix applications. Personally, the feature I like the most is its simplicity.

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