Internet Explorer line 1 char 1 code 0

I’m using jQuery+drupal and some jQuery plugins. All is ok with
Firefox. But in IE’s i’m receiving problem like this.

Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: object expected
URL: /

I have included .js files. How to know where is the problem? In which
file? Line 1? Which file?

If you need source code say me I’ll PM you address.

IE is like that. It cannot say the exact location of the problem/error. Try to see the Error console of FF even if it is working. There might be some errors/warnings. Otherwise remove the JS files that you have used in the page one by one and see which file is causing the problem.

It would be good if you can show us the running page rather than the particular code.

Page you can find here: bus Remove whitespace. One guy from stackoverflow help’s me, and I fixed problem in IE7 and IE8 by removing some javascript code. But in IE6 I’m receiving same problem.

Oh… sorry dude I don’t have IE6 at my laptop.

ok no problem :slight_smile: If you want to use IE6, IE7 and IE8 you can download IETester software.

I had already tried this. There were lots of problems using them together in a system and it is not good to trust on such cracked software. I have an experience while using them in a system. Regarding a JS and a simple CSS issue we spent whole day testing in that IE6 and could not fix the problem finally when we tested the page in original IE6 (that comes with the Windows XP) it was already working fine. So i just uninstalled that application right away and never tried it after all.

A lot of those IE6-emulators don’t include IE6’s native default JS engine (they may have some version of IE7’s for example) so for testing Flash or JS, I would always have a real native IE6 available.

For CSS and rendering, those testers generally seem fine.

IETester comes with a completely separate suite of engines for each version.

Test it for yourself - you’ll be hard pressed to find where it differs.