Internal map like Bing Mall's Map

Hello everyone,
a few days ago I saw the new Bing mall’s maps. Link here and [URL=“”]here.

I’m a newbie and I was very impressed, so I was wondering just how did they do these internal maps. It 's a simple mashup or similar? Or use some special JS library?
There are JS libraries (or other languages too) that gives the ability to create internal maps of buildings outside of google maps / bing maps? Like drawing a real internal map of house or other buildings (vector or not) by JS functions, variables and data …

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It’s just a tiled overlay, for example, see:

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I searched on google but I found nothing about it. There is a tutorial that explains how to make things like that? Especially for javascript effects.

There are libraries for creating internal maps of buildings on the fly?

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No there are not. Someone drew the internal maps and created an image of it.

Then later, that image was added to their mapping software which breaks large images down in to tiles.

You might find the following link interesting. Just click on any of the planets or moons in the image on the right of the page.


I also found something interesting here

It 's time to study. :wink:
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