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I’m building a single page web site. I am seeking to use internal links to navigate to different parts of my page from the menu at the top of the page. I can click on a link to a part of the page that is in the middle, and it jumps down the expected location. Then when I click on the menu to navigate to a part of the page that is above where I am currently located, nothing happens. The URL will show a hash internal link name to the correct but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Do internal links move is a downward direction only or am I doing something wrong?

You can link and jump in either direction with that method. You probably need to show the code or the link to the page for us to see what might be wrong.

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If you are already in view of that section, nothing will happen.

You may want to consider using Javascript to programatically determine the scroll location and scroll users there. If Javascript is off, it will still work, but if Javascript is on, it will allow you to control this specific behavior (among other useful things, like slowly scrolling you there)

Just having a play html/css using anchor links.

I don’t know if this helps.

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