Install imagemagick on windows with xampp


I cannot configure imgick on windows with xammp.please help me?


Imagick or Imagemagick ?

Anyway you need to download and install Imagemagick from:
If you are going to use any text with ImageMagick install Ghostscript FIRST.

Restart the Apache server,
Run this code in your browser to prove it is installed and working.

header("Content-Type: text/plain");  
system("convert -version");  

ImageMagick is installed at this stage - if you want Imagick carry on,

Then you need to find a suitable dll for Imagick - only the correct one for the php version will work. You need to from memory put it in the Windows 32 folder? Then uncomment the imagick line in the php.ini file. I found I had 3 php.ini files on my PC ( no idea why ) and so I uncommented it in all 3 to be sure.

The hardest part will be getting the correct .dll for Imagick if you decide to use it. I do not use it as it is not well supported, documented, as easy to use and has limited options.

I spent three days trying to get Imagick working on Windows, including compiling stuff myself.

Ended up going back to Ubuntu, takes all of 5 minutes to set up an entire LAMP server including Imagick.

Getting Imagick to run on Windows is nigh-on impossible, unfortunately.

I had a couple of problems to get it sorted but if you use my method it should be straight forward to install Imagick but as I say I can not see the point.

The location of the dll should be xampp\php\ext