Install ImageMagick on 1&1

I have a 1&1 managed server on which I want to install ImageMagick.

Apaprently it can be done through SSH but the info from them is either wrong or I’m even less competent than I feared (I know little about this).

Has anyone done this?

If it’s a centos os server

yum install imagemagick

Thanks. A quick google-search tells me more about yum - I’d not heard of it.

That command didn’t work - so I’ll be back later when I’ve read some more about it.

You need to find out what the server is, if it is a Linux (Redhat) based one and you have ‘root’ access, yum shoudl work. If it is debian on Ubuntu based, then you’ll be on apt-get, find out what the server is and you’ll be able to do more.

Thanks - yum didn’t work, but I had some updated info from them which used wget.

Now installed, but not usable by Movable Type as it doesn’t recognise or can’t find it.