Inherited a site re-build - novice requires some feedback please

Hi all.

I inherited the job of re-doing my wife’s 10 year old website after we decided we couldn’t afford to pay for a developer to do it.

It’s currently hosted on a NAS and is a bit slow, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t optimised any images yet.

The site isn’t finished by any means however, I’d like some feedback on what people think of it before I go any further.

We think it looks good but probably have the impaired judgement of parents and their new babies. :slight_smile:

If you view it on a mobile you’ll get re-directed to a wordpress mobile site that I’ll get to once the main site is sorted ( I’ve tried to get the html/css main site going on mobiles but the formatting keeps going wrong and the fonts too tiny! N00b coding skills being the issue!!).

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The address is:



Far more than just ""a bit slow"

Welcome to the forums, @stevewilley.

I like the clean, simple layout, and the colours are soothing. Unfortunately, there is too little contrast between the background colour and the text colour, and people with poor vision may struggle.

See and

The images are huge and definitely need optimising, but you’re aware of that.

Check your HTML and CSS is the validators, as you have a few errors there.

You need to learn about responsive design, which is not nearly as difficult as it may seem at first. smile (Much easier than trying to maintain a separate mobile site. wink) There an old article here which is still valid, and explains the principals clearly and simply. If you need help implementing it, then the HTML & CSS category is the place to post for that - or even Get Started, if you’re really anxious about your Noob status. smile Either way, you’ll find folk willing to assist.


If you run your site through the validator you will see a handful of errors:

I would suggest using the doctype for HTML5 rather than XHTML 1.0 Strict, but that’s probably just me.


Hi. Thanks for that.

Lightened the background and optimised the images.

Don’t know if I need to tweak it any more or look for a different background.

Will maybe do some experimentation.

Yep - I knew there were many errors.

Have fixed some and will try sorting the rest over the w/e.

Will also try having a play around with the responsive css.

Have to admit I quite like the current mobile site - seems to work quite well and the re-direct also seems to work very well and wasn’t that hard to get going.

The images are certainly a big improvement on the previous huge versions, but you could reduce the slider images further. Curiously, they seem to be all different sizes, but you don’t need them to be any larger than the area in which they will be displayed.

The text is still failing the colour contrast test:

Ha! That’s because I updated the local web-page but not the one on my NAS! Fail! That’s what happens when you do stuff late at night…

Hi there stevewilley,

check out the attachment, which contains
a reworking of your index.html file. :winky: (303.4 KB)

Problems addressed: -

  1. color contrast
  2. image compression
  3. page responsiveness
  4. code bloat



Been there, done that. smile

I like the new page with the lighter background much better. It feels “airier”, if that makes sense.

hey coothead.

thanks for that! will ingest and experiment!

        No problem, you’re very welcome. :winky:

OK. fixed all my html/css errors, reduced all the image sizes!

Will experiment with coothead’s css and come back for some comments!

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Do you by any chance have a link to that article @TechnoBear? I’ve tried clicking on the “Articles” link at the top of the page, but it just takes me to Premium. Or is it only available in there?

I’m in a similar position to the OP, except I didn’t inherit the sites, I coded them in the first place. Now I’m finding I have no search rankings and everything looks a bit dated, and while I’m not unhappy with the basic layout, it’s mainly pre-HTML5 so it could do with an update for that and mobiles and so on.

Sorry for dragging this off topic.

How embarrassing - it looks as if I referred to the article and forgot to post the link. redface-1

I’m guessing it should have been this:

or maybe this:

Add this in the head of every page:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

and get to grips with media queries, which are easier than they look at first glance. smile (I put off updating my sites because it seemed a much harder task than it turned out to be. Of course, the amount of work involved will vary, depending on the complexity of the design, but learning to use media queries is a doddle.)

Thanks for that, I’ll have a read of both of those. I did read one a while back, but it got blurry quite early on.

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