Index Password Protected Pages But NOT Cache Them?

I have 3 areas of my website that are password protected and for members only. Membership is free, all you have to do is register to get access. I would like to get SEO value for this content because there is a lot of it. So how do I get it indexed for SEO value but not cached so just anyone can see the pages? It is in Joomla so I don’t know if that matters? I have done some research and found that if I add this snippet of code:

<meta name=“robots” content=“noarchive”>

that I will get the desired result I am looking for. If anyone could please advise or make suggestions on this I would be grateful.


What if the client doesn’t want to give up any pages to be viewed. Essentially he wants all the pages to be indexed, none cached. When the user clicks on the search result it takes them to the respective page, but if they want to review the results they have to register. Is there a robot.txt file that can execute that?


You’d have to cloak the pages based on whether it’s Googlebot or a regular user and then you’re getting into grayer territory in terms of Google bans and penalties.

Is one page really going to be a deal breaker? Very few people are going to sign up for a site with absolutely no clue as what the content is like.

I was researching a site possibility a few years ago where I wanted most of the content to be visible but the “meat” of the page to be hidden behind a members only section. I found a WP members mod that did exactly that but you could code something similar in whatever you are doing.

But that works best for a Q&A type site where there is enough content to interest a search engine even if part of it is not displayed.

tke is right. Google has no interest in sending a user to a page that the user can’t freely see. tke is also right in saying that you shouldn’t cloke, or show googlebot one thing while showing visitors another. It is grounds to get your website completely de-indexed.

Thanks TKE & Clayton…you guys have been a big help with that info!