How to block indexing specific pages

Hi from 4 degrees C very cloudy York UK :slight_smile:

My question is this please…

I am going through the paces of sitepoints practical CSS course and have uploaded the tutorial pages into my site But I do not want the pages & to get indexed but i also do not want spiders to be blocked from other pages.

So I added this in the META:
<meta name=“robots” content=“noindex, follow”>

Am i correct in thinking this will not effect the indexing of other pages and will simply just keep:
off the google radar and have no negative effect on the indexing of other pages.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Not all follow the meta tag. Most do, but not all.

A somewhat simple solution would be to put them in a password protected folder which would keep them out.

Thanks Dave… if you get a chance could you point me in the direction of how to do a password protection solution?

The quick & dirty way I’ve used is to use my control panel to create a folder. I then set the permissions on that folder to only be viewable by a specific user (which I usually create just for this purpose).

I’ve used this for quick validation by users for design comps, etc.

I seem to remember that Cpanel has an option to do that in it.

Forgive my ignorance but Cpanel? Is that something I can do in Dreamweaver or is this a permissions folder thing like write only?

Cpanel, the place you log into to set your shared hosting permissions like FTP accounts, e-mail accounts and the such or you might have Plesk but I assume it would work the same.