Increase in hreflang errors

Im getting Increase in hreflang errors for from Nov 10, 2016 below was there mail ,can you advice

To: Webmaster,
Search Console has noticed a significant increase in the number of hreflang errors in your website. These errors can prevent a user from being shown the appropriate language or regional version of a page.

Try this:

Its confusing me as i already read that ,can you specify what is way to solve

It’s important to specify which language you are targeting in Search console also @Atik1

My site has english articles only so i prefer english language ,so what will be the fix as dis fix link
rel=“alternate” href=“” hreflang=“x-default” /> doesn’t help

I need something universal for all language google bot

Then you don’t need any hreflang tags, remove them.
You are already declaring the language in the <html> tag lang="en-US" that should be enough if there are no other languages.


Tnx @SamA74 i did as per your advice ,let me c what google says

Very true what @SamA74 says, you only need language tags if you have multiple languages, you probably still want to change the international targeting if you are only interested in visitors from 1 country, I’m targeting Google UK for my English Site and for my Spanish Website…

but will that solve if visitor is from Spanish ,will he be able to translate site ?

I have 2 separate sites @Atik1 English is installed as the primary language and Spanish is installed in a sub folder like this /es/, If a Spanish speakers comes to my English Website they can read most of my articles in Spanish… Some things are not available in both languages, I dont translate articles into Spanish if I know Spanish people will not be interested in them…


so u mean today for seo u need to have seperate language specific site & then use hreflang lang to redirect them to the correct language site

Not quite @Atik1 I have separate languages so I can effectively target different versions of Google…

My English site is set to target, the problem I have is when you type in here in Spain you are taken to, this is normal… I have a separate site that uses as the target in the Spanish language… Of course from an SEO point of view, having two languages will mean I get visitors for both languages…

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In i still get hreflang error PFA

Page URL Hreflang Value Issue Type Discovered

If you only have one language on the site, you don’t need any hreflang tags.
You will continue to get errors until you remove the unneeded tags.


but i already removed it

Then it may just take time for the pages to be re-crawled and indexed and for the errors to clear. It is not an instant process, it can take a long time, particularly if there are many pages with many errors. Be patient.



can u fix dis as i tried every thing ,it seems google is not removing old caching

As @SamA74 says, it can take a long time for Google to update every page in their index, and you only asked your original question 13 days ago; presumably it has been less than that since you removed the tags.

I don’t know what you mean by “I tried everything”, but as has been explained, there is nothing to do but wait. Constantly fiddling with things may slow the process, rather than speed it up.

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It still shows same error

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