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I just made an game app on unity. After releasing the app on google play i could not find it on search by its name but i can find it by the url. I believe this is because the visibility of the app and the number of downloads. Can anyone tell me how to find the app on google play by its name and increase the number of downloads with free methods. Thanks in advance.

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Have you read Google’s guidelines? They might help:

The first thing it says is:

Your title should be unique and accessible, avoid common terms, and reinforce what your app is about.

Unfortunately, there is already at least one other app of the same name, and the results seem to suggest that most people using that search term are looking for apps to do with IDs, rather than games. If it hasn’t been on Play for very long, then I expect it will show up in the rankings eventually as it gets more downloads and reviews. You may just need to be patient.

When i released the app i was not aware about the importance of the name app. i do not really want to change the name but i think your advice is the best option. I will change the name and i hope for better results. Thanks TechnoBear.

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