Including url and todays date in a bookmark


I’m a total novice with scripts but I’ve managed to get halfway with something.

I want to create a bookmark that grabs the current url and adds the date to the url in the format:

I’ve got so far:


But I can’t work out how to add the date to the end, is it possible?

For this you can easily achieve it by making a custom date in javascript:

function bookmark(){

                   newDate = new Date(),
                   day = newDate.getDate(),
                   month = newDate.getMonth(),
                   year = newDate.getYear();

         return day + "" + (month+1) + "" + year; 
<a href="javascript: window.external.AddFavorite(location.href + 'nocache=' + bookmark(), 'Page Title');">Bookmark this page</a>

I should note that this has only been tested in IE8. I’m not sure if it works in other browsers as I don’t currently have access to anything else (oh, the horror).
The only part I’m concerned about failing in another browser is the ‘window.external.AddFavorite’ part.