Cross Browser Testing

Here is my setup for cross-browser testing:

OSX Snow Leopard 64-bit
-Firefox 3.6
-Firefox 4
-Safari 5
-Chrome 11
-Opera 11

Parallels (Windows 7 64-bit)
-Internet Explorer 9 64-bit
-IETester (IE6, IE7, IE8)
-Firefox 3.6
-Firefox 4
-Safari 5
-Chrome 11
-Opera 11

I am testing my sites in 14 browsers in total, 9 of which are in the virtualization environment for PC compatibility.

And then I test for print previews after the CSS is finished. I also have an iPad and iPhone with latest firmware which I test on.

Does this seem like overkill to you? Or is this the norm for cross browser compatibility?


How do you manage to have two versions of Firefox at once?

For PC I set the custom installation directories to be different during the installs and for Mac they just work as Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t run them both at the same time but they are the full browsers.

I have much the same as you above (mac + parallels with windows 7) but I also have a PC running XP and a Laptop Running Vista all with various browsers on them. (Don’t have a linux box though.)

I find it easier to run Firefox portable browsers for the older versions and can check back to FF2.

During development though I mainly develop on the PC and check at each stage in the latest versions of Firefox, opera and Chrome and IE6 - 8. Once finished then I will check older Firefox (ff3+) and then check the main browsers on the mac.

I use the mac sdk emulator to test the iphone as I don’t even own a mobile phone. (I may purchase an ipad later in the year but it’s a bit expensive to buy just for testing.)

You can never have too many browsers as a client will always ring up and say “there’s a problem in my (obscure) browser version can you fix it.”

I just noticed the other day that if you have the simulator open and go to Hardware > Device … there’s the option to view in iPhone 4, iPhone 3 and iPad!!! A big, fat, beautiful iPad! I’ve compared it with the instore iPads and the rendering is exactly the same. So if your simulator version doesn’t include that, just update it.

Thanks Ralph that sounds good :slight_smile:

I have an old version though and it doesn’t have those options. I’ll guess I’ll have to load the whole package again (3 /12 hours worth) as there seems to be no option to update that I can find.

Yes, it’s version 4, I’m afraid, although I’ve had it since mid last year. About 8 GB if I remember—most of which I don’t need. Mind you, it didn’t take me too long to download. Perhaps you can ask someone with a faster internet connection to download it for you? That’s what I used to do until I upped my connection speed.

Thanks Ralph just downloaded it (3 1/2 hours). I though I had a quick connection but obviously not.

Once I found the simulator it works as you say and allows an ipad simulator to work as well and looks pretty good.:slight_smile:

Yes, I discovered it by accident only last week, and was quite delighted. Funny that the site doesn’t make a song and dance about it—or even mention it, as far as I could see from a quick glance. TBH, I am missing being able to touch the screens, but still, so far I’ve found that the iPad simulator renders exactly like the real thing, so it is reliable in that way.