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I’m putting a site together and am coming across a lot of HTML and CSS issues.the below and have many issues. I’m hoping I could get some help trying to fix these or if anyone can provide me with any resources on how I can fix these that would be appreciated. I unfortunately have no clue how I made such a mess.

My site is

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Welcome to the forums, @myfreelottopicks.

I’m not surprised you’re confused; 17 style sheets for such a simple page seems greatly excessive to me, and all those links and meta tags make it hard to see what’s going on…

The first thing to do is to make sure you have just one pair of <head></head> tags and one pair of <body></body> tags.

All your meta tags, links to style sheets and style information should be contained within the <head></head> section. Start by tidying that up and then check the validator again. Fix any errors you can fix, and post here for help with any you don’t understand.

Once the HTML is correct, then we can start to look at the CSS…

How much of this site have you worked on as it is a wordpress site?

Either it is a very bad template or you have been editing the code directly rather than using the built in Wordpress editor.

I am afraid I think you need to start from the beginning again.

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Yes, this is a wordpress site which is why I was surprised by all the errors. But then again i’m new.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of errors, You don’t have that many more than Google has

It looks like many of the CSS errors are because of vendor prefixes. The -ms- -moz- -webkit- -o- rules.
IMHO, you could put off dealing with those for now, and maybe ignore them for a while.

I can not see how anyone can help you fix it as the Wordpress code is very long and we do not know what files you have modified. That is why I suggested you start again and watch a couple of Wordpress tutorial videos first.

You may be able to fix what you have done by going back to a previous version of your pages if you did edit it using the built in editor in the first place.

These things happen and hopefully you learn from your mistakes.

As you say @Mittineague the site works but they will have to be fixed at some point and I would guess the longer the OP leaves it the harder it will get.

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I definitely start working on these. I want to improve the usability and layout but worry by not fixing these i’ll create a bigger mess.

Would any of these errors cause Google Ads to show up on mobile but not desktops?

I have just looked at your site again ( on my desktop ) and there is a vertical ad under your header pushing your content down.

How much faith would you put in a site not working properly?

Lotto ticket will be posted after the draw to reduce the chance of someone picking the same numbers as us.

This does not inspire me - what is to stop you taking the winnings if the ticket wins and post different numbers?

Thanks for pointing that out as i’ll need to change that. I actually changed that and started posting them to the Fb and twitter pages on Thursdays (This is only the second draw) as I know people are skeptical and i’m trying to do all I can to squash any doubts.

Next step is a video to show them who I am and to answer the questions I’ve received thus far. This is not a money making site for me (Hope to do that with another one), I just hope it can be self sustainable through affiliate sales etc so everyone can truly play for free.

" As the website generates traffic the hope is to use the advertisement revenue through ad clicks and Amazon associate revenue to buy more tickets each week providing everyone who opts in more chances to win! "

This suggests to me you are encouraging people to click the ads. Google doesn’t like clicks like that and will simply close your account and not pay you anything…

I don’t want to have to pay to fix these errors, but how much do yo think it might cost to have someone do or walk me through these?

If you don’t care about the time and effort that it would take if you do the work yourself, it could be done for free :heavy_dollar_sign: and others here can help when you get stuck.

I agree with @TechnoBear that the first step would be to get the HTML valid, in particular so that it’s more like


without any “extra” head or body tags.

It’s a poor idea to work on a live site directly. So if you don’t have a localhost server set up on your computer I suggest you do that so you don’t risk bringing your site down if you make a fatal mistake.


The validator tells you the line number and the problem and most of the errors are pretty obvious with a bit of thought. e.g. stray tags, style tags not allowed as child of a div etc.

Fix these first and leave the warnings to later.

You seem to be including a block of styles 4 times in the html of the body.

i.e. You have repeated this 4 times along with 2 erroneous closing tags ( head and body) that should not be there.

p.normal {
    font-weight: normal;

p.light {
    font-weight: lighter;

p.thick {
    font-weight: bold;

p.thicker {
    font-weight: 900;

Those styles should be in the head of the document and only included once (without the stray head and body tags of course). You obviously have some block of code set up that includes some html but you are constantly adding the css and the two mismatched tags.

Style tags are invalid within the body element (although they will do no harm) but will produce a validation error and of course are bad practice.

When you sort out that error it will cut the numbers of errors down considerably. The rest of the html errors are just missing or invalid attributes. Some of which can be safely ignored and some cannot.

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