I have a problem with my website but not fix it

i used w3c validator to check error for my website https://lamthachcaoohcm.com and get some bì error, please tell me the way to fix it, thanks all pro

Which errors do you not understand? They mostly seem to be self-explanatory.

i could’nt to fix it, it not good for seo

What did you try?

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i scare it not working

What does that mean? You haven’t said what you have tried to fix or which of the errors you don’t understand.

No one can fix your errors for you as you’re the one with the code. And no one is going to go through all the errors and tell you how to fix them.

Let’s ignore the warnings for the moment and look at the first error:

Error: End tag header seen, but there were open elements.
From line 1, column 14914; to line 1, column 14922
nav></div></header><div i

What is it about this error that you don’t understand?


thanks you