Images in RSS Feed Items?

Is it possible to add images to RSS feeds within the items?

Im trying to add the image reference to the item in the description but its not showing up so wondered what was the correct way to do this?

  <description><img width="150" height="138" border="0" src=""

alt=“my image”/></description>

is it possible and if so how?

I don’t believe so, you could simple test it and see if you recieve an error or not. I’ve yet to see an RSS feed with an image in it.

I’ve seen this on some sites, had fun using a javascript rss feed converter, had both the images and text right on my site using my stylesheet (Yahoo news was one source). Wanted to replicate this for my own feed and wasn’t able to do so, my rss/xml knowledge is limited got to admit.

There is a dedicated images field at both the feed/channel level and the item level. Check out the RSS 2.0 specifications for full details.