Image won't load in HTML

Hi! I’m really new to HTML and need to use it for an assignment. All I am trying to do is add an image into my coding. When I try, the little image icon pops up in my browser but not the actual photo. I’ve saved my file and the photo into the same folder on my computer. Here’s my code:

	<h2>Professional Resume</h2>
	<p>Sarah was born in ... </p>
	<img src='me.jpg'>

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi sarbot, welcome to the forums!

If the src is correct but doesn’t load, maybe you could add the path to current directory (and to try all options also use double quotes), like:

<img src="./me.jpg">

The cause it doesn’t show could also be in e.g. the CSS.

Browsers only show that little icon when the image is missing.

Perhaps check the actual file name, the src file name and path is case sensitive.

Windows users sometimes miss that. :wink:

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Maybe also check file format is valid as @Erik_J says - you only get that error if there is no image available where you say there is an image