Can't add an image into html doc

Hey there!
I’ve been trying to add two images into an html doc for the past few days but I just can’t do it!
I’ve searched through many topics like this one but none of the answers given solved my problem. Here’s my html code:

<img scr="gaga.png">
<img scr="weeknd.jpg">

The image is in the same directory as the html doc, as you can see through here:

I don’t really know what I am missing. Please help!

The correct attribute should be src - short for “source”. You have scr (note that the “c” and the “r” are the wrong way round).

<img src="gaga.png">
<img src="weeknd.jpg">
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scr should be src - correct the typo, and assuming the image file is in the same folder as your HTML page, it should work.

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Oh, i feel so dumb xD How come I hadn’t noticed that?

It worked now. Thanks for the help!

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Hi there ricardosilva87hhhh,

when you have problems like this, then
your first port of call should always be…

…it will find all the document’s errors for
you especially your hard to find typos. :winky:



That website shall be very helpful. Thanks! :joy:

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