Image or PDF in SEO

Hi friends,

Can Google read PDF or Image content?

Google cannot read images but it understand about image with the help of alt attribute of image tag. And when we talk about PDF, yes Google crawls and index majority of PDF files except the PDF files which are are encrypted or password protected.

yeah alt attribute provide alternative information for an image, alt attribute is very important for image optimization.

[font=calibri]PDFs are generally better than images for a whole load of reasons, such as:

[list][]more accessible for users
]usually smaller file size
[*]search engines can read them … and if you’ve tagged them then they can understand them too![/list]
Whereas all a search engine knows about images is what you’ve put in the alt text. So for anything with lots of text content, it’s very often better to create it as a PDF, even if you create a thumbnail image to insert into the page.[/font]

Google don’t understand what is image is all about. So giving proper alt text to image help seach engine to understand the content of the image. It will be also helpful for blind people to understand the image. Also, Pdf is crawl by the search engine.

While Google may not be fully capable of reading images now, I think that they are very close to having this capability.

I would use each file type for specific reasons.

Even if it makes your site more “readable”, Google will not promote a webpage which takes 10 seconds to load because there are several bulky PDFs.