Image being shown behind others

Hi all
How can I get the

<img src="./one_files/arrowmain.png" style="position:absolute;left:510px;top0px;">

to display infront of the header1.png image? I have been using position:relative but it isn’t working Thank you
Test Page


The image in question is currently not found on your server.

to display in front of the header1.png image?

When I did a live edit using one of your other images it did layer on top of the header1.png since it is a BG image.

Try to upload the missing image again

Yeah it would help if I had the image uploaded! I have now uploaded it but it is still behind the images (testing on IE)

You could add a z-index to it:

<img style="position: absolute; left: 510px; [COLOR="Red"]z-index: 10[/COLOR];" src="./one_files/arrowmain.png">

But really, what are you trying to achieve with this page? It’s looking like a bit of a jumble.

Thanks Ralph that works great, how do I move the image up in the page? I want half of the image3 to be ontop of the irgane image in the topselect div. Thank you

Like Ralph, I’m a bit confused by the page too. It seems the entire page is nested in the header div. All those inline styles will cause problems for you in the future, hopefully your just testing with them and you will be moving them to your stylesheet.

It could also stand for a trip to the validator as there are several errors such as a stylesheet being linked to within the page, it should be in the <head>.

However if you want to move that image up then then add a negative top margin to the ruleset.


Though really that arrow image as well as some others should be background images as they don’t appear to be actual content.

Which I think is where most of the problems with this code lies – markup without content, trying to make the code for the layout before you have semantic markup of the content, etc, etc… Presentational markup that seems to be being built ENTIRELY for the layout, which is flat out the wrong way to write the HTML – and since CSS is only as good as the HTML to which it’s applied…

It’s kinda putting the cart before the horse.