Trying to make an image overlap an existing div

Hi guys. I’ve always been able to muddle through css and make things happen but I’m currently having an issue I can’t figure out.

Could someone tell me how to get my image on top of the div section below it? I’m quite sure this is very easy for the more advanced css person… which I’m not. :slight_smile:

Here’s the page… and the image in the top right corner (obviously).

Thank you!

Thank you! I had to laugh when I realized how many times the z-index was used. I had not noticed that. I really didn’t do that! It was in the default.css and after you made me aware… everything made much more sense! I didn’t use AP. I just removed all the 9999’s as you suggested and put a z on the image and everything looks peachy now… in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Hooray!
Thank you very much for the assistance. It is much appreciated. Have a fantastic holiday!

Resolved! I finally found the z-index property and life was good after that. :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

Uh oh… I still need help. Though it works perfect both IE and Chrome, changing the z-index on the div below the image (to make the image overlap) has rendered my sub-menu useless in Chrome. Works fine in IE. Any ideas what I might change?

looks like you placed your entire #topnav over your menu using z-index ( went a lil crazy with the new toy ==;))

try removing all the z-index:9999 ( so that it goes back to the way it was before) and bring the image to the front by using AP and a giving only the image a high z-index.

as it stands now you have stacked your header ON TOP of your sub nav, but because it’s tranparent you do not actually see it.