I'm going to be absent for a while

I was just informed by the PM that I am being “lent” to another project in a different building on base. This is (supposed to be) for a month or two. Unfortunately, where I’m going to be working does not have internet access… at all. I’m going to be cut off from SPF for a while.

With any luck, I’ll be able to speed up troubleshooting enough to get back to my current desk before Thanksgiving Day. But I’m going to be reporting to the new location on Monday morning, so the next two hours will be it for me to post, until such time. (No, I don’t access SPF from home, although I might, now…)



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I’m going to be cut off from SPF for a while.

Haste ye back.

You will be missed. Please do inform us on your return!


Been there and done that.

Have fun with the big boys!


Get well soon!

We look forward to seeing you back. :slight_smile:

LOL, I don’t know as I’d call getting deployed to a new assignment “getting unwell”, but I have the same sentiment. Hope to see you back soon.

:slight_smile: Well, I’m still on that temp assignment, but they did manage to get an internet connection, for me.




Yay! Glad to see you again @WolfShade

Yaaaay! Welcome back! :slight_smile: (this is just to quote you :D)

Tnx for the welcome-back-wagon! It’s good to be able to read and post, again. :smile:

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Sheesh, it felt like you were gone longer than a month… lol

Man does time fly…

I’m still “gone” on that temp assignment, but they were able to get me an internet connection. :smile:

This is my last week on the temp assignment. Next week, I’m back where I should be.




:slight_smile: x 2 then :slight_smile:

My “sig” twice???


yep… it is a very smiley signature :wink:

Ahm… heh… my sig is supposed to look like the ears and eyes of a wolf. :smile:

It looks more like a smiley face :slight_smile:

Still, I can see the ears… the eyes… not so well :stuck_out_tongue:

Think of a Gary Larson-style drawing of a wolf or dog.

It’s as good as the emoji :wolf: :wolf:, which looks to me more like a rather cross bat.