ie8 table bug

I’m having problems with a table misbehaving in ie8, here’s a link to the miscreant table:

the table should be 910px wide, but instead is about 800px wide in ie8, I’m not sure how to solve this?

Hi, before we can even think about debugging this we need hte CSS and [url=]HTML fully valid :). That is most likely the cause.


The problem is that you have set the width of the col elements and they only add up to 825px wide which is as wide as IE makes it.

Set the last col element to the correct width or leave blank.

    <!-- subtotal -->
                    <col />

As you are using a strict doctype you should be doing that with classes and not the width attribute. Remember to self close the col tag also.

thanks! I think you might have cracked it, I’ll give that a try

it worked! thanks so much, has been driving me mad!