Tables expanding

Beating my head against this one. I’m installing a plugin into an existing site and it operates fine in FF and Chrome, but IE8 is not recognizing the width of the plugin. And when you hit “add to cart” the cart is actually pushed out of the background. I don’t have a ton of experience with tables and I’ve tried all sorts of width and positioning to no avail. Does anyone know what IE is doing here? I appreciate any help.

The site:

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Add a doctype to your page and re-test.

Without a doctype all versions of IE go back to the dark ages and render much like IE5 and use the broken box model and forget to inherit font-size into tables (among many other things).


Avoid using presentational tags like Center and attributes like marginwidth=“0” as they are depecated in strict documents in favour of CSS.

Thanks Paul! It worked perfectly. Never would have occurred to me to check something so basic. Cheers.