IE8 Compat Issue

So I’m having a problem figuring out how to fix an error with the div layers.

When you view <snip> the website looks perfectly fine on any browser. However when you view it in IE8 using Compatibility mode the div layers shift around and the horizontal menu’s break.

Anyone tell me how to fix this so it looks the same in compatibility mode.

Just as a preview.
This is without compat mode… using IE8 looks same in firefox and chrome <snip>
This is using compat mode <snip>

thanks :slight_smile:

Your visitors are only going to see a web page in compat mode if you or they force it into that mode. They are not likely to try that if the page works without it. The compat mode is only there for web pages broken without it and so any page that needs compat mode would fail compliance.

That is true but some places have to follow ADA Section 508 Compliance, would the site not working in compat mode affect that?

You shouldn’t be using compat mode in IE8 unless the web site you are visiting is one where the page was written for an earlier version of IE and doesn’t work properly for IE8.