Have to use compatibility mode to view website


I am having an issue with my website in which when using IE8, you have to have it in compatibility mode of everything is squished to the middle of the page (I.E. it’s centered and borders are really tight).

I have told my web deisgner, but nothing has changed. It appears as though this is something that has recenlty happened, as my wife visited our site and mentioned it, then the next day an employee mentioned the same thing. When I press the compatibility icon to the right of the address bar, it looks fine.

Is it possible that they (the web designers) did not actually do something to the website, but changed a setting on the server itself that messed things up?

Thanks for the help and input!


It is unlikely to be an ‘accidental’ change on the server. I assume it used to work OK in IE8 without compatibility view?

It’s possible to be an accidental change on the server, but rather unlikely.