IE7 and 8 issues - simple inline menu not working

I have just finished up a site. Looks great in Safari, FF, and Chrome. I start testing in IE7 and 8, and it looks so bad, in so many ways. First of all, can anyone explain why the super simple inline nav floats way off to the left? And it totally unstyled? I have tried several things and am getting nowhere.

Im still learning, any expertise would be great. Thanks in advance!

The website:

IE8 does not recognize HTML5 tags. In this case, the <nav> tag.

Change that to <div class=“nav”>
(and change the css to .nav)
and it will work.

Thanks so much. I am finding that as much as I am excited about HTML5 and CSS3, I run into a lot of problems when I try implementing certain things. I appreciate your feedback!

You are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback, too. Means a lot. :slight_smile: