IE6 display issue - Jumping content on hover

For some reason when I load the page IE6 displays my <ul> container over to the left of the page about 200px out of place. And when I rollover the imgs and other content inside the <ul> it jumps back into place???

What could the problem be? Is this a known IE6 bug?

Any help thank you, sorry about the rushed explanation currently in work :slight_smile:


Yes sounds like a common haslayout issue or the infamous [URL=“”]percentage margin bug.

I’d need to see the code to confirm though.

Cheers Paul :slight_smile:

I came across your haslayout(Holy Grail layout) link today and remember I had a similar bug some time back. After much testing this wasn’t the answer. It turned out to be a position:relative fix I applied *.container{position:relative} worked great. I’m sure I’ll be running into the haslayout and % bugs very soon thanks for the links.

I’ve been editing other peoples code mainly <tables> and other not so good markup generated from the company’s CMS :nono: to much code was conflicting thats why I didn’t post any.

Thanks again :cool:

Glad you fixed it - the position:relative is often a fix for jumpy elements as it triggers a different rendering algorithm.