IE scrambles menu - help!

The site in question is:


Long story, but, to cut to the quick, the site and menu read beautifully in Safari, Opera, Firefox - but in IE, all versions, the horizontal menu gets quite severely scrambled. The menu is listed essentially backwards, and the submenus change color and float off or disappear.

I get this information from the site Validator (IE7), and from a friend with IE6.

I’ve tried putting zoom: 1; in various places in the style sheets - no difference - and I’ve put a definition (min-height: 0; and zoom:1; ) for #MenuBar1, (mentioned in the code but seemingly not defined anywhere) as mentioned in the article “The Internet Explorer hasLayout Property”, but I am stuck.

Any help greatly appreciated

Hmmm … that’s bizarre. You’ve got a couple of validation errors, but I can’t see that they would be likely to do that. On the other hand, they’re easy fixes, so have a go at them first, just on the off-chance that that does the trick.

Of course, the three levels of nested layout tables don’t make it easy to debug and figure out what’s going on :rolleyes: