IE Problems!

I really hate asking for help without doing some prior research, but when it comes to IE issues, it’s either you know it, or you don’t.

My layout is broken pretty bad in IE 8. Please help! Thank you

Please use Chrome/Firefox/Safari for reference of what site should look like.

Have you included the html5 shiv?

<!–[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=“”></script>

It goes in the head and enables IE8 to recognise the new html5 elements.

wow that literally just fixed everything. lol

Thanks so much!

One last thing, it’s an ie problem though - when I make the width smaller of the website my navigation moves, because i have it set to margin: 0 auto; so it’s obviously staying centered with the width that i make the browser window. What else do i need to apply so it “sticks” to the center of the website width?

Problem is, my body and site wrapper do not have set widths because they have background images that I have set to width:100%.


I’m not sure I understood the question but if you meant that background images on 100% wide elements become smaller than the fixed width centered layout then you should put a min-width on the 100% wide elements equal to the width of the centred portion (e.g.min-width:100px).

You need to do that for all full viewport 100% width elements otherwise when the horizontal scrollbar appears and you scroll to see content the background will be missing.

I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking though.