Ie problem (i.e., testing problem...;-)

I hope this counts as a developer issue…:wink: (since I’m a developer and of course am always testing stuff on IE…) I just don’t know where else to ask…

IE8/7 is driving me nuts with that security bar that pops up; I have managed to get rid of it for most situations, but now what happens is it only appears when I load a local .html page, not when I’m viewing a website on the internet… how can I get rid of it for viewing local .html files please…

thank you very much…

Yes there is a way to get rid of it! Just follow the instructions below:

Go to “Tools” > “Internet Options” > Advanced > Go down to the “Security” section > and Select “Allow active content to be run in files on My Computer”.

Then hit the apply button, close it and try it again, no more security bar! :slight_smile:

oh man… finally!! thank you very very much… I was looking in

Tools" > “Internet Options” > Security

instead of “Tools” > “Internet Options” > Advanced >

will engrave this in my head…:wink: