IE double quotes issue

Hi to all,

Recently i received email saying IE doesn’t handle double quotes in the way other browsers do. For example

<a href=“something” title=“My title saying “i like this site””>

and this is a big issue because there is in thousand places issue like this. Is this a bug for IE and how to resolve it.

Thank you all

Quite right. I must not have been properly awake when I wrote my answer.

Yes, but not like that. :slight_smile:

You have to use HTML entity references in HTML markup, not JavaScript escapes:

<a href="something" title="My title saying &quot;I like this site&quot;">

Of course, an even easier way is to use single quotes around the attribute value in this case,

<a href="something" title='My title saying "I like this site"'>

You are supposed to escape double quotes when in a double quoted string.

<a href=“something” title=“My title saying \“i like this site\””>