IE* and drop down menu issues

Has anyone seen this problem with IE8 not keeping open drop down menus. I do not use IE8 nor IE7 and do not have IE8 even installed as I use Firefox. I have had a few people tell me that when they use this form the drop down boxes do not stay open.

Anybody hear of this?

Many thanks,

Install IE8 then use developer tools to switch browsers

Seems to work fine on IE8 to me (the form and the menu dropdowns).

To be honest, though, I don’t think you can afford to offer web design services and not have access to the major browsers for testing purposes.

You should always check the W3C Validator:

The only reliable way is a virtual or separate installation. All other solutions are not quite 100% correct, but do provide a quick check in a pinch.

I test through a service that will show me several screen shots but it is not interactive. The downside of it all. I have IE7 but do not knwo how to have both on the same computer.

There are some free tools you can download for that purpose, such as


Quite a few people here (including myself) haven’t found that to be a totally reliable way to test IE7.

Thanks ralph.m. I appreciate that. :slight_smile: