IE 8 problems

Some of my pages displayed the footer offset to the left and I included a div conditional in #header to correct it as in

I placed the same code #offset in all other pages but it does not work in most and I wonder why. for instance in

I would be grateful for any help in solving this

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="curvycorners.js"></script>

#offset {
    margin-left:-40px;  /* DELETE Me */


The div #offset does not seem to be needed at all and can probably be removed.

Yes, thank you

I’ve come to that conclusion and amended alreday some of the pages

But the question remains: why is it needed (was needed) in some and not in others if the pages have basically the same code, e…g ?

Thank you

To answer that, I would need to see a page where it is needed.

I replied above

In fact, this may be connected to something else. These pages worked with rounded corners through the script curvycorners.

Now, I noticed that the only pages that responded to the original #offset are the only ones that also display the curvycorners.

I have not looked at the pages in IE8 for a long time and obviously something strange happened meanwhile.

Yes, it does appear that curvy corners are no longer implemented on the Barcelona page.

(And I seem to recall Paul implicating curvy corners in that issue in a previous conversation.)

Curvycorners and IE8 - #14 by PaulOB

Yes, Paul does not like it…

Back to the #offset I now have to change the code in around 100 pages. I had a HD breakdown and lost a lot of information including the name of a programme that can search and replace text in a full website.

Do you know of any?

No, I don’t.

Better get started,then!


Try Notepad++
It has Find - Replace

Word of caution

be extremely specific in what string / regex you use or you can replace text that you don’t mean to

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Hi Mittineague

I understand that Notepad++ can do it if you have EVERY page opened in it. That means downloadingg100 files, which will be as tiresome as doing the direct changes in the cPanel.

I had a prog that did it directly on the full downloaded site. STOP!

Thinking aloud,

Is that what Notepad does? Downlaod all the site’s folders onto the computer and direct Notepad to look for what you want…

I’m going to try it.

many thanks


I’ve just got it to work.

How much can I trust it not to mess things up?

IMHO you should have a full copy of all files on your machine already.
i.e. your “development” copies that you work with and test before you upload them to the live site.

Working with live files can have disastrous results (read - “crash your site”)

It can be tricky to configure your localhost site so that it will have the same configuration as the live site. And ideally you would have some kind of version control in place so you could “roll back” if you needed to.

But in any case, having the files on your own machine is the way to do things.

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Thanks for the advice

I am downloading the folders to the PC and will work one folder at a time (there are 5 with an average of 20 files each) and inspect them before uploading them again.

In any case, I will do a full back up to an external drive.

All failing, I am on a 6th floor and will throw myself out! So, if you don’t hear from me for a while…

It depends on what you use for the “find” eg. say I have similar strings like
and I want to change
name-big to

If I do a replace like
Find: name-big
Replace with: name-big-bold

It will also change
first-name-big to

So you would need to do something like
Find: class="name-big"
Replace with: class="name-big-bold"

Hi thanks

I’ve started already but now I have a doubt, that could end up in disaster!

I changed what I needed in one folder in the PC; checked that part of the code and it is fine.

My doubt now is how to upload it to the server. I have Filezilla open. The left panel shows the backup which contains 5 folders; the right panel is on public_html which shows all the folders including the one I want up load.

I assum that I drag the folder to the right without actually opening that folder, i.e. I drag the folder Asia to the right where among others I can see the folder Asia.


As long as you have checked the local code well the chances of it causing problems on the live site are reduced. And as long as you have backup copies you can put them back if you need to.

I use Filezilla, but I have never drag-dropped.
I have “local” in the left pane and “live” in the right pane.
I navigate to the folders / files I’m wanting to upload in the left side, and navigate to where I want them to go in the right side.
Then I select them, upload, and choose “over-write” when asked.

Say I have this locally

and this live

If I want to upload the entire javascripts folder, I go to site and public_html, select the javascripts folder from local and upload it.
If I want to only upload the slider.js file, I go to site/javascripts and public_html/javascripts, select the slider.js file from local and upload it.

Going by your screenshot, it looks good to me.
Most likely even if you did make a mistake choosing a folder location, the usual result is that you would have an “extra unused” folder that you could delete.


Many, many thanks. I was a bit nervous…

Looks I succeeded, and I’m still on the 6th floor!

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