Help plz

hi , i am trying to fix this website landing in IE 7-8-9.

my div id=“wowslider-container1” as an offset on the left

i have tried for about 5 hour to fix it to no avail .

The website was build this way ( tables :frowning: )

Plz help

The slider seems fine in IE8 (and Firefox). Has the “offset” been fixed?

Happens in IE9 for me when the page loads, but once the sliding starts, it sorts itself out. Very hard to debug, though. :frowning:

Yes , i dont have the non minified jquery plugin file :I .

It’s a real pain . Tried stopping it from moving to debug whitout sucess.

Meaby i should try to make my own jquery code that does the same thing . I not sure it will fix the problem … FUuuuuu table everywhere !

If i could me it move as soon as the page load it would be better .

can you bind the same fonction to 2 events

like this ?

$(‘#foo’).bind(‘click’ ‘ready’, function() {