IE 6 CSS issue

This is a 3 coloumn layout, everything is working fine in firefox but, in IE6 in the right coloumn at bottom one image (physics - marked in the screenshot) is missing. Its because of the positioning but i am not able to figure out.
Plz find the screenshots attached.

I fixed it by changing right column position to absolute for IE6
#rightCol {
margin: -16px 0 0 0;
position: relative;

  • html #rightCol {position: absolute;}

Kindly suggest me the better approach so it could not occur in future.
Thanks in advance.


It’s probably a “halslayout” bug as the nested div doesn’t seem to have a “layout” (e.g. give it a width (or zoom:1.0).

However as the page doesn’t seem to be showing the bug because you have changed it I can’t really test. I tried copying locally and changing the right column to float but still couldn’t see the bug.

It could be a number of other bugs also.