Reseller Web Hosting, billing, ticketing, etc

Hi All,

I keep reading about how “easy” it is to become a hosting provider through reseller accounts, but to be honest it all seems ridiculously daunting, especially as I have no intention at present to go that far.

I’m looking at offering hosting to my clients whom I build websites for, nothing fancy. I normally use cPanel and build the sites with custom WordPress themes.

I was recommended to get hosting on a case by case basis (as a reseller) so I can slowly grow a client base, rather than buy a metric ton and not be able to shift it.

As I’m only looking at a few clients at present it all seems simple enough, but looking to the future there are things like ticketing systems, billing systems, etc. but I can’t seem to find any good recommendations for these additional systems.

Has anybody else gone through this kind of transition?
I don’t want to shaft my clients or myself for that matter but I don’t necessarily want to trust the salesmans every word … I know his ultimate goal.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


In this case you need to use WHMCS <snip/>. There some cheaper systems like Boxbilling

I’ll take a look at WHMCS and Boxbilling. as I’m starting out with this; a cheaper option may be more appropriate.
Thanks for those!

you are welcome. Also you can check Blesta