I have no idea which hosting to get. Dedicated? Managed? Virtual?

Ok so in the past we’ve been using GoDaddy Deluxe hosting to host small database driven websites

But now a client has approached us wanting 3 websites. They then need versions of these websites for 7 other countries. So that’s 21 websites all up.

Database drive; They will be using a small CMS


  1. Should I host every site on the same hosting? or seperate hosting for each country?? (3 sites per country)

  2. What hosting requirements do I need? (keep in mind traffic won’t be huge. ~1000 visits/month atm.)

  3. Recommended hosting companies?

I would put them all on the same server.

I would not use Godaddy. I have been using ServInt’s VPS. Gives me as many domains as I want, full flexibility, and it sounds like the bottom package is ample Bandwidth for you.


You don’t need a VPS (although a MANAGED VPS is far superior to a shared/reseller account).

21 websites? All you need are the basic 3 websites. Park the country specific domains on the main domain and, if there are languages differences, you can handle that within the domain.

It sounds as if you’re on the leading edge of the learning curve - be careful!



I think you can host the on the same server. However there are some web hosting providers which will be able to offer you web hosting on 2 diffrent locations. But in any case you will need to have 2 separated accounts.
BUT if money is not a problem I would recommend you have web hosting account in the locations which are closest for target audience.

I think if your websites will not get too much traffic so you don’t need VPS. Better host them on same server.

Multiply web hosting account should work for you. At least start with multiply web hosting account and then you will understand if you need to upgrade or you need to stay.
Good luck

Fully agree with other guys here. No reason to overpay right now