I’ve been asked to work on a website on Wix. I have concerns

I’ve read elsewhere that the code on Wix is insecure and the user accounts can be taken over by hackers. Is this true?

I’m also concerned about the security of the payment gateway on Wix. Should I be concerned about this?

I’m thinking maybe I should turn down the offer of work on this Wix hosted web site. What do people here think?

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I haven’t heard of anything new that’s problematic at Wix.

They had a nasty-huge security bug in 2016 (might be what you heard). That’s been fixed according to Wix, though maybe try to find if a third party has confirmed this. I would assume though that if it were still a thing, the original reporter would have called the news again.

For payment, I see one of their options is Stripe, who has a very good name in payment services.


Where did you read that? Since you read the article, you are likely to know more than other members here.

It is probably more secure than anything you are likely to do if you were to try to program it yourself.

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My suggestion is that you be sure you have the requirements very clear before proceeding. The problem with Wix and others like them is that if the customer wants to do something not supported by Wix or whatever site it is then the conversion can be a lot of work. It might not be easy to explain that to the customer. It could get ugly. It could be an opportunity if the customer understands and decides to pay for a conversion to somewhere else.

That is the advantage of WordPress and software like that. It is relatively easy to convert a WordPress site to a different host.

Consider doing this. Give them a fixed price for the analysis. Do just the requirements definition. Then if it becomes clear that it is outside the scope of what can be done using Wix then you can say so and walk away. When they waste a lot of money paid to someone else then you might be the hero.

In fact, hacker attacks are possible on any site. After 2016, the Weeks security bugs were fixed. If you are not sure about the security of your site, then check it with a special tool. This is the best option.

Instead of turning down the offer convince them about wordpress tell some good points about wordpress plugins and widgets and how wix has limitations.

Hi, info2524
Nice question and after your question i did some research about wix websites but I didn’t found any issue related to security but I found some other issue which you can read by this article 5-reason-dont-use-wix. Wish you all the best

That article is over four years old - pretty old by technology standards, which can move very quickly. It was updated in 2015 because:

EDIT (September 15, 2015): The reps at Wix contacted me to vehemently disagree with my post and say I have outdated information.

If it was outdated then, it certainly will be now smile (although the article does include Wix’s responses). Always look for recent information when researching an issue.

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As far as I know, Wix doesn’t support https but you can fix it easily. There’s an instruction: https://tomssl.com/2016/11/04/wix-doesnt-support-https-heres-how-to-fix-that-for-free-in-five-minutes/
If you don’t want fix it, you can just use another website builder.

The article you quoted is from 2016. Are you sure that information is still relevant?


It appears that information is now out-of-date, as

All Wix sites have been enabled for HTTPS.


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Better late than never, I was gone :slight_smile:

The article (there were many):


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