Dealing with Windows-hosted accounts

Hello all,

I do some basic web work for one non-profit club I’m a part of, and their account is hosted on Bluehost. No problems, like 'em a lot.

Now another group I’m a part of needs someone to take over their website - some ‘professionals’ slapped it together for free a couple years ago and while it does fulfill the originally stated purpose, it needs some work.

The sticking point is that they have it on Lunar Pages, on a windows hosted account. It looks like they installed dot net nuke also (gross overkill for this organization) and there is stuff scattered everywhere that I, having only dabbled in *nix based web hosts, have no idea what does what, what can stay, what can go, etc. beyond the base ‘home pages’ directory and the ‘images’ directory.

The group the site belongs to seems amenable to switching over to pretty much anything else, if it means they get a warm body to take care of the web site. Would it be worth seeing if Lunar Pages could swap the account over to one of their Basic packages? From the hosting package descriptions, it looks like the Windows-hosted accounts do have PHP available, so I might be able to do what I want/need (set up some basic boiler plate templates to keep a consistent look and feel between the various pages of the site, etc.) without going that far - but the flood of files on that account that I don’t know what they do makes me a bit… paranoid?



Hello Monte!
I believe you need to do some research within your existing account. Mostlikely some web sites will be found which can be moved to the linux hosting? And that might allow you breeze free on your windows account?

If stuff on that account is Dotnetnuke based, then it needs Windows based hosting. If you switch to a Linux based package, chances are that parts of the site will no longer work properly. Is the customer aware of this?

If these people are ready for a complete recreation of their site (which can be php based of that’s what you’re comfortable with), then have it ready on any host/account you like, and point the domain there after it’s all done.

but the flood of files on that account that I don’t know what they do makes me a bit… paranoid?

Having a complete Backup can give you peace of mind. :slight_smile:

There is only one the one site on this account. Part of the problem is that I have zero experience with windows-hosted accounts, so I don’t know where the ‘regular’ stuff ends and the dot-net-nuke stuff starts. There is a directory ‘home pages’ with a small handful of files related to the site, and another directory ‘images’ with the site graphics in it (vs. the directory ‘pictures’). If they used dot-net-nuke for this site, it’d be like using a full install of Drupal for a site with 5-6 pages total.

I don’t necessarily want to back up those 4000+ files that have, as far as I’m concerned, no value - I want to get rid of them, at least in the long term.

About the only thing the owner wants kept around is the email addresses that they use for point of contact stuff via the web mail. Assuming the web mail is a Lunar Pages feature, not a dot-net-nuke thing, that should remain the same regardless of what the individual site is hosted on, correct?

I would suggest you take a complete backup and keep with you irrespective of whether you reckon you would need it or not. You never know. It is always easy to get ‘rid’ of things later, but what if you needed it for some reason?

You can create an entirely new hosting account with some other webhost and yet have the emails with Lunar Pages if it is so required. Dotnetnuke would not cover emails IMO. Since you have the liberty to create everything afresh using PHP you may either switch to a linux plan with them or look at other providers. However, if you are not having a problem with their hosting, better not to switch providers.