I need to have a system for my business to make it online!

I’m not an IT expert, I need a online platform for my groceries store, how can I get a free system for this, any idea you can share with me please, and am really very confused, which to pick for this kind, and I dont have enough cash as well to get a paid services. Can anyone here help me to find a free solution for my business please!

I would stick to your bricks and mortar store, to be honest. You’re not going to find everything you want for free - and it’s unreasonable to expect to get it all for free. After all, I don’t suppose you give your groceries away do you?

Yeah, ecommerce tends to be costly. The point of it is to make money, though (the old spend money to make money). So if it seems like a burdensome cost to you, then it’s obviously not the right move to make.


An alternative to spending money is spending time.

eg. If I don’t want to pay you for a tomato I’ll grow my own.

There is the adage “Time is Money”.

But if you have the time to spare you should be able to minimize expenses.

IMHO you should talk with your business accountant about how much you could afford to invest in such an endeavor while ensuring it will be a “business expense” (for tax purposes).

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If you are willing to devote the time, then you might be able to get something up for free. Otherwise, you will have to engage professional service providers to run it like a project. Such projects can run with budgets from $3-4k all the way up to over $20k. Its the scope of work involved that matters.

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