I need help badly

hi i own 2 websites they are both general discussion forums but i am interested in just the one for now how can i ,get traffic and get posts on it

because no one will post of there’s no content and if there’s no posts there’s no content so plz help me and if its not too much tell me what you think of the design

thank’s allot

It might help if a visitor knew what they were looking at.
Also actually putting forums on your site would help

This board has no forums.

is a bad start really…

yeah it dose ave forums different sections actuality and its a gen discussion

and you removed the site how is any body going to see and comment ??

People post based on previous content. So it is a chicken and egg problem.

One way is to post yourself. If you don’t have anything to say and could not conceive of a topic, don’t have a forum. Just like if you don’t like interacting with people, don’t own a bar or restaurant.

Another idea is to have a contest. Award prizes for most posts, most people joined who mention another member, and so on.

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