I haven't coded a site in a very long time Site design help needed

I am by no means artistic. I can, with a lot of effort put graphic stuff together. I am fleshing out a web site to help people choose parts to build a computer. This is not going to be a site I want to get traffic to. at this time.

I buy all my computer parts from Newegg. I plan on getting item links, prices and image links from there site and store it in s DB. I then will have a page with drop downs or radio buttons on it where they can select the parts they want.

I will then have a submit button that will build them a page with the parts image, parts name clickable to the page on Newegg, and then the price. At the bottom it will have a total cost for the parts selected.

What I am having problems with is coming up with the lay out for the site and the color scheme. I am looking for some assistance in how to figure this out. Someone suggested Photoshop to layout the page. I just have no idea where to start. I do have Photoshop Elements that I can try this in.

Another question is I would like to ask is what to use to code this? I would like free. Again I haven’t done this stuff in about 10 yrs so I have forgotten a lot of it. I have gotten a great many links to sites where I can find the assistance I need.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

For coding all you need is a text-editor. I like Sublime Text myself, but simple old notepad will work along with a hundred others out there that are free.