I have a huge problem :( - modal pop up

Basically i have been trying to get back into the web design industry after a some time away. I never used to be the best developer but i was ok.

Then out of the blue i get offered what seemed like a small project from an old employer, but it turns out to be a lot more complicated than i originally thought possible.

He wants on his clients site two buttons in the footer:

  • Get in touch
  • Sign up for emails

When you click one of these buttons he wants a modal dialog box to pop up in the middle of the screen with a form inside it.

I then have to validate the forms using PHP and submit the data to a database.

This has caused me nothing but problems. I have spent ages trying to get a pop up dialog box that works, I finally found one and it worked. Then i find out it does not work in IE6 which is important. So i am back to square one.

Can anyone help me out? A friend of mine said i should use jqModal, and it looks good but the website is terrible, it does not explain for a javascript noob like me how to use the plugin.

If i can sort out the pop up… then thats one stage done and i can get some help with the PHP (my attempts so far have utterly failed).

I have until tomorrow night to finish this or im going to lose the job and all the other work ive been offered (simpler work, basic html / css which i am very good at).

Did you try this yet? …

No i have never seen that before.

But i just took a look and tried getting it working.

I dont understand the last part on the last page:

Where am i suppose to put:

var x = ‘something to check’;
$(‘txt’).innerHTML = x;
function OKSelected() {
var y = x;