I hate shaving

What a bizarre post…

But, I’m not really clean and I can feel good with extra hair, I’ve discovered.

Isn’t presenting myself too shiny, happy sort of disingenuous?

I hate to waste time with shaving…but my girl wants more shaving now…:nono:

I am not over keen on it but i have to shave twice a day and have done for decades it has to be a electric razor as i hate wet shaves.

Do you think that you’re the only one? Ok, I confess I prefer wax because it lasts longer but… women also have to do it! No the face, normally :slight_smile: But legs take more time … much more surface to cover! :smiley:

Thanks you are right. I’m also too busy. Not able to shave.
But i appreciate your feelings.

No. I do not mean to offend you.

My statement is: “to look more clean” or cleaner. I do not said that when you do not shave, you look dirty. :x

Peace out. :slight_smile:

I hate shaving too, but need to do it for my personal hygiene.

You saying I look dirty? :mad:

We do it to look handsome and clean. Don’t you like to look more clean?

There’s definitely the “star bellied sneetch” factor working now, but I seriously wondered what started it. It’s SO damn weird.
I mean did a caveman originally scrape the hair off his face with a pointy rock, sell his client some business management software as a result and say “Hmm, what we need is five blades and aloe and lotion infused foam for those with sensitive skin. Whaddya think Sir Grog II, Esquire?”

[FONT=“Georgia”]Just curious.

This thread reminds me of Dan’s beard;[/FONT]


Yeah AND beard…so what?!

[FONT=“Georgia”]uhh… Big, red mustache?


[FONT=“Georgia”]I hate shaving too, by the way.

I think I’ll grow a thick, rugged, bushman beard like Raffles one of these days.


I only hate when sponsors shave.