I.e.8 has a very bad rendering

i need help in order to sort this out: using either chrome or opera, the display is fine, but when i open my web with ie 8, its awfull
i can put here my css in case you want; i know the doctype isnt correct, bur i’m in the process of trying several ways - also tried 4.01 transitional with no result too

Hi rfl. Yes, ideally post a link to the site so we can check it out. CSS alone is of no use, as we need to see the HTML too.

It’s crucial to test your pases as you build them, rather than after the fact, so that you can catch problems as they arise. IE8 is a fairly reliable browser, so from that screen shot, it looks like there is a major flaw in the way the page is coded. Anyhow, post a link and we’ll have a look. :slight_smile:

here´s the link:


Put the strict doctype at the VERY TOP of your html page. NOTHING should preceed it.

Delete the transitional doctype in comment marks at the top of your html page or move it so it is below the strict doctype.

IE8 is going quirks.

your idea worked perfectly

thanks a lot

Glad it worked. Thanks very much for the feedback.