I dont understand this accident about McDonalds pay $800K to a family

I am Oriental I dont understand this kind of justice ? The mother first action to take pictures of the burn and record child scream of pain !!! and their lawyer wanted $15M from McDonalds

So if I pour Costa hot coffee on my body accidently (or not) I can be rich ?

BTW I hate McDonalds food.


Try it out and let us know how you go!

(Make sure to move to the USA first, though. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Well, that shouldn’t have happened, first of all.
Secondly, living a life as poor is far better getting rich in such a cheap and dangerous way.
No offense.

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The point was probably that the nugget was way hotter than it should have been. The same thing happened once with coffee with McDonald’s that was also way hotter than it should have been, simply because you need less coffee beans for the taste when you make it way too hot.

Of course the amounts payed are absurd, but it’s a normal thing for American standards.

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I want to know where these people get “hot” McDonalds food. Mine is always warm/cold, even at rush hour.


It may be deliberate to avoid such cases. :grin:

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I remember some years ago in a coffee shop, the bloke in front of me asking the barista to turn up the temperature of the water. She refused saying it would be against the law. The guy replied that he would take the risk and that other coffee shops increased the temperature for him, but she stood her ground.


I was there several years ago as a skilled programmer, got the shock and left

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of course

I was in the beach and I wanted tea, coffee and hot chocolates from a booth but I know from experience they are lava so I asked the seller to give me some holders

If the mother got a drink from booth and this happened , she would not bother asking for anything.

Different cultures have different lawsuits and judgment values. The legal team collects evidence, and on the basis of who is guilty more and who was more responsible and how they behave against their mistake, the jury settles the amount to cover medical expenses and to cover compensatory damages. So it is not that simple as we are talking, just pour hot coffee and expect to be rich, no. Have to prove what you said, if you are found guilty so maybe you will be penalized and get an amount to pay them lol… you never know the results maybe you fall to prove them through a hot cup of coffee on you. The family caused many troubles, faced legal costs, had public opinion and the serious harm the child had was so terrible. Wasn’t it?

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Yes medical expenses is very high in USA

Medical expenses can be a huge burden in the USA. That’s why having a good legal team is essential. They can help you get the compensation you deserve and fight for your rights.

Medical expenses increases day by day. It is not possible to make done with it.

Yeah agreed!! It is not easy to deal with them, especially if you are injured or ill. That’s why having a good legal team can make a difference to recover some of the costs and reduce your stress.

But that only because no one in USA cares of an insurance as long as he is young.
Here in Germany you always need to have a medical insurance when you work. There is no way to work without it. So you start to spend money in the insurance when you nearly never need it in your, let’s say first 50 or 60 years. So the very costly medicines and medical treatments you need when you are getting old can be payed by the money saved before.

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Personally I like that the Mail had to change the headline because the professional newspaper made a typo.
(Look at the title listed here in the thread, then at the link. They tried to spell “scarred”, and missed, instead making it sound like the child was frightened.)

A couple of points, that may be mistakes in understanding above.

Well no, the mother’s first action was to pull over and make sure her child was alright.
Taking pictures of something that severe is actually not that surprising, as it is evidence that the store can’t later say was faked or some a later injury. I imagine the ‘record child screams of pain’ was more a byproduct of the taking pictures, being captured in the background, and were then extracted for use in court.

Yes, but you dont (pretty much ever) get what you ask for in the American law system. So you shoot high (usually the highest you think won’t immediately get laughed out of court), and then arrive at a more moderate number by the time its all done. Also, this case has been in litigation for years. So imagine how much of that money is going to the lawyers’ fees.

Depends on if Costa’s lawyers, in reaction to the aforementioned McDonalds Coffee lawsuit (referenced above and in the article), haven’t indemnified themselves against that particular lawsuit possibility by posting signs and labels that the beverage is hot and may scald. There’s a reason that practically everything sold in california has a “Known to cause cancer” label on it, and why McDonalds cups all say “caution: hot” on them.

I’ve never ever had a hot nugget. Fries i’ve had be fairly hot at peak rush, but not more than once or twice.

And good for her. Keep in mind that its not just the restaurant that gets in trouble for this kind of thing - the employee that caused it is almost certainly out the door, if not facing suits of their own.

The standard of spelling and grammar in so-called professional publications has dropped significantly over the last few years. If you try to pick people up on stuff like that, you just get called “spelling Nazi” or told that “well, everyone knows what I mean, it doesn’t matter if the spelling isn’t quite right”, and then it spirals from there as people start to take that as an example. I’ve given up on them now, it’s more worth remarking on when an article doesn’t contain any errors. And don’t get me started on Memes - virtually every one that I see contains at least one error, which transforms the author from being clever and witty to being “too clever for their own good”, in my eyes at least.

And, relax.


In some countries the government can tell businesses how to do business. In the USA businesses have more freedom than in other countries. Therefore sometimes the only way to get changes is to sue. Ideally McDonalds would care enough that they would ensure that the food is not too hot but when they do not then a lawsuit might be the only way to make them change. In my opinion lawsuits are often not the ideal solution but that is the way the laws work in the USA. In the USA if a police officer mistreats a citizen then very often the only way to get improvement is for the citizen to sue. That is not the ideal solution since it is actually the taxpayers that are paying but it is often the only way to get change.

If you are rich before suing yourself then you will be rich afterward except your attorney would want some money. If you are not rich before suing yourself then you will not get an attorney that would take the case.

The dilemma is that people complain when coffee is not hot. I do not understand that. I do not understand why people insist upon coffee being hotter than what is drinkable but some people do.

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