I don't like Weekends (Friday nights & Saturdays & Sundays)

Hello friends,

I really don’t like weekends (Friday nights & Saturdays & Sundays) because my websites are not positioned as good as on weekdays, even I work harder on weekends in submitting to web directories and social bookmarking sites.

For example, during weekdays, my sites are on the second page on Google, but they are on 4th page on weekends.

I really don’t know why these major search engines don’t like my websites on weekends.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a lucky day!

Google often tests new algorithms and tweaks on the weekend.

Working on your site on the weekend is not a bad idea but if one believes that working on your site on a Saturday has any affect on that Saturday … well.

Check your cache dates - Google probably isn’t caching it on that day and it’s not picking up and crediting you with all the links on that day either.

The reason is that your site isn’t incredibly strong yet and isn’t secure in it’s position. More time and more work (so putting in a couple hours on weekends is still a good idea) will see your site stabilize - but you don’t have to spend every day for the rest of your life working on your site. if you skip a Wednesday - you won’t tank on Wednesdays. :slight_smile:

I got the point. Thanks very much for giving these great ideas.
I will keep working more on these days.
thanks again.

Yes, this is very general question.Many SEO experts know there is less compilation in weekends due to holidays so they only target that weekends days for their work.please try once do work hard in weekends and after that tell us what is your result.


Many SEO builders know that there are more visitors on weekends than weekdays. That’s the reason why they do more work on those days to increase their page ranking. Try doing the same thing for your site so that you won’t loose your ranking on weekends. :slight_smile: Goodluck!

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Thanks guys. I should put more work on weekends. But we usually do less work on these beautiful days???

I think you are right that the competitors do more work on weekends.

thanks for your advice.

Have you looked at your competitors and other sites in the search results and do they move around in the rankings on weekends too?

I like your theory, that the SERPs adjust to fit queries depending on the day of the week. Maybe your niche gets more news results or other blended results on different days of the week. That could impact your rankings.