Hi can u Suggest me..?

I m new to SEO and i wanted to know… how to increase traffic for my site now there’s a huge drop on every sunday …?

It’s the nature of the beast. I would venture that most non-social media, non-entertainment sites all encounter a drop in traffic over the weekend.


our one general interest website gets a clear wave format every week with the peak in the mid week and a drop on the weekends. It’s where people are bored at work and have a look :slight_smile:

The other website is a beachguide and we see a peak on the weekends when people are looking where to go or checking weather/tides etc.

As for general SEO:- good content, descriptions, titles, meta data and opengraph tags, fast download times, mobile friendly, valid html/css etc are a few areas to check


Hi @tech_christy, I would take a look at this summary of some of the most important Google SEO tools, and give some a try if you’re not using them already :slight_smile:

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